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They are Rock Stars! Action heroes of National Geographic Channel series Monkey Thieves! Galta Gang, a sixty-strong troop lives in the Galta Temple, a beautiful Hindu temple on the outskirts of Jaipur. This enduring and entertaining bunch live in luxury because worshipers believe they personify Hanuman, the cherished Monkey God who banished evil in the Indian epic Ramayana. 

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They are Rock Stars! Action heroes of National Geographic Channel series Monkey Thieves! Galta Gang, a sixty-strong troop lives in the Galta Temple, a beautiful Hindu temple on the outskirts of Ja

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TEST 2017

travel to India!


"I was born in Slovakia as Michaela, but I today I am called Sumukhi. How did I get this name, which in hindi mean 'bright-faced'? In 2002 I listened to my heart and followed the man with whom I could share same world view to India. He became my best friend, husband and father of my beautiful daughters Saloni and Sanabhi.

My husband Sunil, was born in the picturesque village Parule, located on the western coast of India. The Konkan coast, as local call it, nestling amidst rolling hills and lined by serene coconut palms groves, smells of spices and each plant, vegetable and fruit, which you can find there, offer culinary adventure. I was exploring it together with my husband, who introduced me spices, ingredients with different taste, smell and colors, and different cooking techniques, which I haven't seen and experienced in Slovakia. Our home and kitchen became multicultural especially after his family moved to cosmopolitan Mumbai and we have started to visit them regularly. 

India became my second home. My husband Sunil works as prawns farming consultant and because of his job, we have moved to south Indian state Andhra Prahesh. And me? You would probably call me a 'housewife' but modern Indian women as me call themseves 'homemaker':)

Michaela, what brought you to India?

I did not plan it. I did not hear any special spiritual calling and I did not know anything about India. The only reason why I came to India was love. I met my husband online on chat, when I was practising my English. But 'the language of our souls' did not need dictionary. After few months he asked me to marry him and I moved to India. It was 14 years ago.

It is story written by life itself. Ayurveda is the science of life. What does Ayurveda mean for you?


Ulpotha has been a retreat site for thousands of years and remains a perfect place for a Yoga holiday or an Ayurveda retreat in the heart of Sri Lanka. It's a beautiful hide-away open to guests for holidays and retreats for part of the year and is a place of total peace. You may come here to experience Yoga holidays and Ayurveda retreats and the warm, generous and gentle hospitality the people of Sri Lanka love to offer.


"The best yoga retreat in the world!" (The Observer Magazine)

Deep in the jungle, surrounded by the Galgiriyawa Mountains, nature remains in her full magisterial glory. Nestled under the sheltering palm trees, a small group of huts circling an old manor house look like upside-down birds nests with their dung floors and cadjan roofs. Ancient elephants paths criss-cross through the village and there have been sightings of a rare cobra on the path to the lake.

Rebuilt on the layout of a deserted traditional village Ulpotha's foundations are laid on the timeless grounds of nature, history, ritual and myth. According to local legend, pilgrims traveling from India in search of Lord Kataragama (son of Shiva) believed that Ulpotha, set within the seven hills, was the sacred site associated with the deity.

To visit Ulpotha is to step back into the land that time forgot: it's a rare place where all the influences of our technological age evaporate no plastic, no phones, no electricity, no glaring screens or newspapers. But a lot of yoga led by some of the world's leading yoga teachers, and obviously amazing ayurvedic treatments. Ulpotha is a place of total peace, where you can experience the warm, generous and gentle hospitality Sri Lankans love to offer. After a few days, presence settles in, the past becomes another country, the future a distant land.

The sri lankan star-scape is crystal clear. There is minimal light pollution, with the South Pole being the nearest landmass to the south, India to the North, Africa to the West and Inodnesia to the east. Looking to the Infinite in total peace. It's a strange paradox that to see into the furthest reaches of forever you need not light , but dark.The Night sky is the only thing that is almost exactly what our ancient ancestors would have witnessed as we do. Everyone feels that Ulpotha belongs to them, because when one finds a sacred place in nature it nurtures one's own nature.

Ulpotha : A Kitchen in Paradise

LOCATION: Sri Lanka, 

  • LOCATION: Sri Lanka, Ulpotha
  • AIRPORT: Colombo - 4 hours
  • TYPE: Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat
  • ROOMS: 11 huts
  • DINING: All inclusive (vegetarian)
  • CHILDREN: Consultation
  • SPA: Ayurveda
  • YOGA: Several times a day
  • BEACH: No (but there is lake)
  • POOL: No
  • ECO: Yes - No Electricity



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