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Ayurveda & Yoga Trails connect Indian traditional medicine system with dynamic world we are living in. Word Ayurveda means knowledge of life & Shakti Trails are about art of traveling we connect 'knowledge' & 'art', but also adjusting the way you travel to way you live.

Ayurveda is a science of life and it is a spiritual science. It does not deal with treating patients and their diseases. It has a far more supreme goal - to bring about understanding of what a human being is in his true nature. It makes one understand that everything we need, we already have. If you decide to explore world of Ayurveda, we will connect you with our team of ayurvedic doctors, yoga, vastu & travel experts, who will help you to choose ayurvedic resort or hospital and design treatment package according your needs.

For us Ayurveda is also symbol of personal evolution, the way how we can heal our body, but also soul. It is quest for the right journey to reach balance between human beings & nature. For everyone is this journey different & we respecting it.

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