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SOUTH INDIA - Kerala, Munnar

Ecotones was born out of a passion to bring guests closer to nature. While most hotels and resorts utilize the beauty of nature and the wilderness to sell themselves, there are very few that give back to nature or contribute to conservation in any way. Eco-tourism - responsible travel to natural areas that does not damage the environment, contributes to its conservation, and improves the well-being of local people - is an ethical option and Ecotones attempts to imbibe this culture in its true sense. Guests can indulge in nature-oriented exploratory activities such as bird watching and nature trails or can just sit back and enjoy the scenic view. With activities such as cycling and guided nature walks, we hope to take people one step closer to nature and inculcate an interest for the natural world through observation and learning about its many intricacies.

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The concept of Ecotones is influenced by Karma Yoga - a place where smiles are not put on but genuinely shared; a quiet retreat to just unwind and not be disturbed by anything other than the breeze beating a gentle tattoo on your face. And we make sure Ecotones remains that way.

One important aspect of eco-tourism includes the involvement of local communities. The staff at Ecotones consists of about 90 percent locals, who get their training in accordance with contemporary tourism standards. Many fruits and vegetables are also sourced locally, so that local farmers, small businessmen & women profit from Ecotones, ensuring community involvement and upliftment. Guests can visit local farmers, interact with them and try their hand at harvesting organic produce too. Ecotones also conducts small programs including awareness sessions about nature and wildlife. There are informative discussions with the locals so that the local community benefits in as many ways as possible. Local clean-up drives and native tree sapling planting programs are also underway. The target of these programs is to reach out to the public about the necessity for nature conservation.


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