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Zuzana Zwiebel Magdova's private collection of extra-ordinary people and their stories, whose experiences are transferred into various trails shared by travelers.

ART OF TRAVEL (When & Where to travel?) is based on a philosophy of three words:

SPIRIT (Who to meet?) Spirit is inspiring energy present in every creative activity. We are discovering people, whose spirit can inspire others. Spirits are our local experts who share their stories with us & based of them we arrange your travel in style!

STORY (What to do?) Stories written by our local experts are transformed into the trails, which connect not only places on the map, but also creating meaningful connections with local people, who make your travel stories to come alive!

STYLE (Where to stay?) Style does not mean luxury, it is experience. Your individual style is your artistic signature, which makes journey different and we respect these differences. Experiences in style make your travel authentic, different and real; from them memories are made of!

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SHAKTI's is the primordial female energy, which influences the creation of the universe. It is the beginning of every creative and versatile activity. It encourages new ways of thinking, transforming energy, providing the courage to be free but also to be united with whole world. Shakti is the artistic expression of the higher self and unity with universe.

TRAILS mean a journey to rediscover old routes and to explore new routes. For us, it is journey of self-discovery.