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Wildlife Photographer

INDIA - Kerala, Munnar

Praveen was introduced to the amazing world of nature and wildlife as a teenager. His interest in wildlife and wild places grew into a passion, as did engaging in activities revolving around nature conservation. Praveen’s ardent interest in nature and observation the interactions between people and nature taught him a lot of things. One of them was that people – children, adults and aged folk – needed to know and experience the beauty of nature in all its essence to understand the need to love and cherish it. For without the support of people, conservation and nature protection in its true sense is not possible in today’s world. With Ecotones Camps, bringing people closer to nature has reached another level, with enabling guests to experience local village life, watch and observe rural wildlife and birds, and interact with local cultures like never before. Praveen also works with the Kerala Forest and Tourism Departments to mobilize activities for both nature conservation and sustainable tourism.

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Wildlife Photographer

With many years of practical experience in tourism field, the concept of a cozy boutique eco-resort where guests can experience nature without compromising on comfort – Ecotones Camps – was born. It brings people closer to nature.

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Praveen is part of Ecotones Camps team. And what makes Ecotones Camps stand out from the crowd?

While most hotels or resorts at Munnar resemble a concrete jungle, Ecotones is a breath of fresh air: literally and figuratively. Ecotones blends in with its surroundings. Roofs are thatched with reeds, which were harvested sustainably by our Muduvan (a forest tribe of Kerala) friends. The thatches are not treated with chemicals to last longer, as they usually are. Skilled Muduvan workers hand-crafted mud-bricks from earth that was readily available in our campus to construct our mud houses, in their traditional style.

Most of our staff are locals, who get their training in accordance with contemporary tourism standards. Many fruits and vegetables are also sourced locally, so that local farmers, small businessmen & women profit from Ecotones, ensuring community involvement and upliftment.

Guests can visit local farmers, interact with them and try their hand at harvesting organic produce too. Plastic mineral water bottles are not offered; instead local spiced water is available free of cost in re-usable glass bottles. No televisions grace the rooms, with the hope that guests will venture out and see the beauty of nature around.

Ecotones Camps believe that even small actions like these can go a long way in preserving the beauty of Munnar and its surroundings, which are gradually degrading, due to the enormous pressure of callous and commercial tourism.

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