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The greatest stories of India


We are inspired by Mahabharata & Ramayana, ancient myths, which are according to us, the oldest travel guides across the Indian continent. These epics are a journey across the Indian landscape, across its colorful rainbow of heroic deities. They are a journey through India's sacred geography, its history and mythology. They are also an exploration of the human archetypes represented by ancient characters. These epics contain Indian history, traditions and life habits, all melted together into a golden pot of wisdom. They are unconscious mental maps guiding Indians through daily life.

We are trying to transform these epics into trails and routes, to connect you not only with legends and myths, but also with the people who make these stories come alive. The people we will meet are creating a new history. Like Valmiki in Ramayana, we try to spread their message, to connect eastern and western culture just like the bridge between India and Sri Lanka built by Rama.

"Whatever is here is found else-where. But what is not here is nowhere else." (Mahabharata)

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