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Your kitchen is pharmacy


“Rabindranath Tagore, in his poem compares man to a bamboo flute. If you take a look at what is inside a flute, you find nothing but emptiness. But a musician, which is our life energy, prana, can create splendid music out of emptiness.“

Prana, universal energy, is our melody of life. It can be experienced everywhere in touch with nature in the air, water and food we consume. We explore this energy in all its colors, aromas and tastes, because we believe that the best food tastes like happiness.

In Sanskrit, this philosophy is expressed in word " vishadam" , which means sadness but also means toxin or poison. Sadness is poison for our body. If we are under pressure for a long time, it influences our stomach and digestion. Bad digestion is the cause of all diseases. That is why happiness, inner balance and love are influenced not only by the heart, but also by the stomach.

We will introduce you best chefs from Sri Lanka and India, who will teach you how to recognize what real food is, how to prepare food from healthy ingredients with love and care and always eat with joy and gratitude in a good company.

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