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Panchakarma Clinic

INDIA - Kerala, Kottayam

The Athreya Ayurvedic Resort had been tastefully designed in the traditional Kerala style, utilizing mainly wood and laterite. The ancient healing science had been practiced and taught by his ancestors for six hundred years, a tradition that continues to this day in a seamless progression. Handsome portraits Dr. Girish and Dr. Srijit family patriarchs going back five generations adorn the walls of the well appointed reception area. The retreat is nestled in a bucolic hamlet and surrounded by a network of canals flowing into the gorgeous Kerala Backwaters. Floating water hyacinths, vivid green paddy fields and gently swaying coconut palms, Ficus, Pipal, Banana, Papaya, Ashoka and Eleocarpus trees punctuate the Vedic symmetry of the resort. It includes a yoga room, a treatment center, ten beautiful residential cottages and a separate chamber for training in Kalaripayattu.

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Panchakarma Clinic

Athreya Ayurvedic Resorts offers a specialized course of healing in the form of Unique Kerala Panchakarma Treatment for body and mind.

Photo: Zuzana Zwiebel

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Athreya Ayurveda Centre says - Welcome - on behalf of all the staff here at the Athreya Ayurveda Centre, we wish you a hearty welcome!  Here are a few items to help make your stay healthy, happy, and comfortable.


The doctors have an open door policy.  Please feel free to contact them ANY time.  They can be reached by dialing 100 or by best by contacting reception or therapy or even kitchen staff in the campus .

There is NO fixed time for Doctors visit as it is made flexible  to accommodate the suitability of the clients even though doctors can be available from as early 7 am to  8  pm - 13 hrs segment.

Doctors do not stay over night in the resort campus but they are a family of  5 doctors who own & run this place and hence in case of any urgency  they available even at night with in a span of 15 minutes as they live  just near by from resort campus

Our doctors judiciously use a combination of Ayurveda and modern diagnostic techniques.

The Dentist

Dr. Sunil is a well-respected dental surgeon.  One dental check-up is complimentary.  Dr. Sunil has a modern facility at the Athreya Centre, as well as another clinic in town.  This facility features digital imaging.  Please speak to Dr. Sunil about all your dental needs – for example: cleaning, fillings, crowns, etc.


The therapists execute the personal plans established by the doctors.  Therefore, if any changes are requested, it must first by approved by the doctor.
Our Athreya therapists are well trained to work with people of many cultures.  They have a professional attitude and are considerate and courteous.  Occasionally, there are difficulties with communication – please bear with us.  If there are any difficulties, kindly inform your doctor and the situation will soon be rectified.

The therapists are accomodative to your ideas of altering, adjusting treatment timings to suit your sight seeing etc, outside the resort agendas which by themselves are NOT AT ALL recommended BUT Even though we shall try to be as flexible to make you happy and feel valued, in the peak seasons of september to march we do NOT promise any such flexibilities on all the occasions of your such requests and therapies missed / undone due to such outside the resort agendas circumstances and sightseeings will NOT be performed  & are NON refundable. Nevertheless the Athreya management leaves this particular decision to the discretion of the hard working cooperative therapist to decide on this – so as NOT to demoralise them being pressurised to work beyond duty timings

This is done solely for  the best welfare of every client and thus we ensure that by the above policy, this ensures our the staff is able to serve every client in the best way with a good quality of his/ her state of body and mind - and keep them well motivated, alert and focussed.

Our staff gets into active duty well before 6 am and prolong their efforts to heal / serve the clients till upto 8  pm INCLUDING Sundays, this happens only in peak season time.

Administration and Kitchen Staff

Our staff will do their utmost to make your stay as comfortable as they can. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ayurvedic Care

Each patient receives very personalized care.  Your treatment plan is created specifically for you.   Please do not confuse our treatments with what you have read about theoretical treatments.  Many books are not authored by full time clinicians.

For the best value of your time  and money invested for best healing results we recommend that
the use of electronic gadgets for external communications is best to be AVOIDED, or to be minimised or atleast to reduced to MAXIMUM 30 to 45 minutes per day if at all it is inevitable.


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