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Boutique private villas

INDIA - Kerala, Marari

Marari Villas was developed by Rupert and Olga, a British-Russian couple who have been living at Marari Beach for the last 6 years. Before falling in love with this beautiful corner of Kerala, Rupert and Olga searched the whole of southwest India’s golden coast from Mumbai down to Trivandrum. They were looking for their dream beach: miles of pristine white sands, fringed with cool shady coconut groves and more or less empty, other than a few local fishermen and abundant wildlife. And Marari, they discovered, had it all. 

MARARI VILLAS offers 3 villas situated directly on the beach  BOUGAINVILLEA  •  PALM VILLA  •  LOTUS VILLA  and 2 cottages situated 300 m from the beach, but with private pools:  HIBISCUS COTTAGE  •  ORCHID COTTAGE

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Boutique private villas

Marari Villas offer an all-inclusive Wellness Retreat in collaboration with internationally renowned Ayurveda practitioner, Dr. Janesh Vaidya.

Photo: Marari Villas

 Ayurveda & Yoga Wellness Retreats

Marari Villas offer an all-inclusive Wellness Retreat in collaboration with internationally renowned Ayurveda practitioner, DR. JANESH VAIDYA (more information here).

The collaboration between Marari Villas and Janesh Vaidya provides a superior standard of accommodation and service combined with authentic Ayurvedic treatments from a practitioner who understands the Western mind, ailments and culture. The result is a unique package suitable for everyone, from the novice who wishes to start a journey of self-discovery to experienced wellness enthusiasts. 

The Retreat can be tailored for individuals or groups and includes full-board accommodation at our private ‘serviced villas’. An initial consultation, with pulse diagnosis, is provided with Dr.Vaidya to establish the individual mind-body constitution and the nature of any imbalance. The physician will then prescribe daily authentic Ayurveda remedies, medicinal diet and a personal yoga/meditation therapy program to restore health and wellbeing, according to the state of your mind and body elements.

The retreats are unique in their offering of personalised Ayurvedic treatments and yoga classes combined with award-winning boutique properties that offer relaxation, personalised service, delicious food and inspiring local activities:  

  •  A program tailored to your requirements, without strict group schedules and times
  •  Boutique accommodation that is fully serviced with caring staff (no ashram or hospital environment!)
  •  A holistic Kerala cultural experience (cuisine, arts, crafts, landscape, wildlife, architecture)
  •  No fixed dates or duration of stay – you decide when and for how long (minimum 6 nights)
  •  No minimum group size – packages for 1 to 14 guests available


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